Design of the Static Bicycle "Rudder Bike"


Year: 2017 Name: Rudder Bike. It is a motorized stationary bicycle synchronized with various routes displayed through virtual reality goggles. Users can engage in home workouts in a unique, original, and fun way, exploring numerous locations and cycling through cities.


The design of this stationary bicycle is intended to break away from conventional aesthetics. Its design aligns with current decoration and habitat trends. It offers users a digital sports experience through virtual reality goggles.

Frequently, users of stationary bicycles get bored while pedaling in a room, always seeing the same surroundings, which can be quite monotonous.


Users of this bicycle will engage in home workouts in an interesting and fun way. Through augmented reality or virtual reality goggles, they can explore numerous places and travel through the world's most iconic and emblematic cities.


Rudder Bike was born as a result of a creative exploration exercise envisioning the ideal stationary bicycle of the future. To make the exercise more realistic, the bicycle is equipped with a motor that simulates uphill and downhill movements, as well as handlebar and tilt rotations to provide a greater sensation of speed when navigating curves.


In this project, concepts such as user experience, the object's relationship with spaces, experience design, interaction design, ergonomics, industrial design, app design, product design, virtual reality, and automation were taken into account. It's a project that combines multiple disciplines to arrive at an effective and innovative solution.

Model of the Rudder Bike stationary bicycle by ROJOmandarina, exhibited at the "Identity and Territory" exhibition organized by From Spain With Design (FSWD), alongside the FollowMe lamp by Marset, designed by Inma Bermúdez (National Design Award 2022), and the "En negro contra a violencia" (In Black Against Violence) project by Uqui Permui.


Its minimalist design allows for the simulation of uphill and downhill movements as well as turns. It seamlessly blends with home decor and furniture, breaking away from the typical sporty appearance of stationary bicycles.


The synchronized movements enabled by this stationary bicycle, which connects to the world of virtual reality, make this product an innovative bridge between sports and future technology, with sustainability at its core. Materials: Bamboo and aluminum.


Users can choose their desired route through a screen, selecting the type of terrain (asphalt or off-road), intensity, and distance in kilometers. Based on these parameters, the appropriate route is transmitted to the VR goggles.


The Rudder Bike is suitable for individuals who want to exercise at home in a fun way, offering them a novel user experience and the opportunity to virtually visit different cities.


This project received the CLAP Platinum International Award.


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