As a design agency, we specialize in strategy, product design, and branding. We see design as a tool loaded with methodology and creativity that generates innovation and value for businesses and individuals.

The founding partners are, Ana Monreal (industrial design and product development engineer, born in Ronda, Málaga) and Inés Millán (creative and branding manager, born in Jaén). Our professional journey together began in London (UK), where we had our first opportunity to work on the same project.


Until that point, we had pursued our separate careers in various fields with projects for national and international clients of diverse profiles. This time allowed us to accumulate experiences in many sectors, especially in design, branding, and product development. In 2014, we decided to return to Málaga (Andalusia) and establish the design agency ROJOmandarina.


We are your team, passionate about design, unafraid of tackling new challenges, creative, technical, and highly capable in management. We adapt to your needs, providing scalability and helping you optimize processes and manage innovation.  In essence, we assist companies in growing, differentiating themselves, and acquiring a strong and sustainable business value.

Inés Millán (Jaén) and Ana Monreal (Ronda), Founders of the design agency ROJOmandarina.


Every project that comes to our design agency has unique needs, and ROJOmandarina develops a specific action plan for each one and ensures its proper execution. To achieve this, we have a team composed of multidisciplinary professionals and specialized creative and technical collaborators in each of the necessary areas, depending on the project's requirements and scope. This enables us to tackle comprehensive 360º projects.


Over the years, we have undertaken projects in various sectors such as footwear, urban furniture, technology, accessories, fashion, mobility, industrial machinery, agri-food, retail, habitat, contract, sports, and more.


We understand DESIGN as a tool loaded with methodology and creativity that generates innovation and value for people, the organizations, and the environment.


Our approach to design starts with the strategy generated from analysis and research. We capture the real needs of our client and the end consumer of our client's services and products. This way the solution that the design agency ROJOmandarina generates: connects you with your end customer; is designed for the users of your product or service, is functional, and creates a memorable experience with a positive impact.  


The design and project development process is accompanied by rigorous management that makes the execution of projects sustainable and possible , taking into account the needs, tools, and capabilities of the organizations that hire our services.

We advocate for GOOD DESIGN, the kind that goes beyond aesthetic appearance, being functional, innovative, connecting with the user, addressing a market need, and captivating your customer; while adhering to the principles of social, economic, and environmental sustainability.


Sustainability. We are aware of the power of decisions made during the design and conceptualization of a new product or service in terms of its future impact on society and the environment. Therefore, we include in our design process solutions based on circular economy, proper material selection, technologies, and production processes, etc. Finding the balance between the economic, social, and environmental aspects. Always aiming for the solutions we provide to be functional, unique, and have a positive impact.


By contributing to teaching and the dissemination of the profession, we have provided training and consulting related to industrial design and branding. This includes topics such as product design and development, sustainability in design, branding, packaging, project management, design thinking, business models, and parametric design in national and international design schools, such as Rafael Landívar University in Guatemala, the EA Antonio López in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real), and the School of Engineering in Málaga..  

We have also provided training and consulting services to companies and in corporate environments, such as the Center for Business Development Support of the Andalusian Regional Government (CADE) and the Technological Park of Extremadura. We have supported and collaborated on initiatives such as Terral Market, the Málaga Design Festival, the Association of Industrial Designers of Málaga (DizMálaga), and Talent Woman. Currently, we actively collaborate with the national event Transferencias Design and are members of the AAD (Andalusian Association of Designers).


ROJOmandarina, as a specialized firm in product design, brand creation, and strategy, has received various awards and recognition for our work at both national and international levels.


2017, we achieved international excellence in the world of product design and industrial engineering. We were honored with the Award CLAP 2017 Award for "BEST INDUSTRIAL DESIGN" for the RUDDER BIKE project.


In January 2018, we received the Business Development Award from La Opinión de Málaga.At the same time, we were named the featured company of the month in March by Andalucía Emprende.That same year, we were finalists in the Andalusian Design Awards organized by the Andalusian Association of Designers (AAD).The recognition was awarded for the PINTA ATINOX17 sausage tying machine project.

For the PINTA ATINOX17 sausage tying machine project we received a second international recognition with the Iron A’Award design & competition 2018/2019, organized from Italy.


2019, the urban furniture design proposal "Swing Nebo" achieved a third international recognition for our agency, receiving a Novum Design Award Bronze.


In January 2020 we were selected as one of the product design companies to represent Spain internationally in the From Spain With Design project, From Spain With Designpromoted by READ (National Network of Design Associations) with the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. In November, we won the Andalucía Emprende provincial award in the category Consolida.


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