Project for the branding of MÁS ASESORÍA, a company that aims to assist businesses in Accounting, Tax, and Labor matters. They help businesses grow by being there with them every step of the way, guiding them with complete transparency so they can continue making the right decisions to advance their business projects.

MÁS ASESORÍA is about being more efficient, up-to-date, and closer to its clients.

That's the essence of MÁS ASESORÍA, and its brand needed to reflect this, breaking away from the traditional and outdated trends in the industry.


In this project, we designed the brand identity and various applications required by a company in this sector. We created various brand applications, including business cards, envelopes, letters, folders, stamps, email signatures, and a website.


We directed the brand strategy on the website to attract new clients, with a disruptive and different brand from what the market is accustomed to.


A brand universe different from what we are accustomed to seeing in companies in the legal and financial sector. They tend to have static and very classic brands with muted colors.


For MÁS ASESORÍA, we chose a striking and disruptive color, departing from the classic blues. We worked with the initials M+A, creating a play of positive and negative shapes, resulting in a form that, when multiplied, allows us to obtain a very interesting graphic resource applicable to the business card and folder, among others.


Branding Strategy  Design Web Design Design Corporate applications Final Artwork


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