Outdoor Office Furniture Design.


The design of this outdoor furniture aimed to provide a solution for open-air workspaces. The main challenges when working outdoors include the location, lighting, and weather conditions. Therefore, the future solution needed to be a mobile system that could be placed anywhere outdoors, allowing for flexibility in choosing a specific spot or adjusting the lighting. It needed to be easy to set up and dismantle.


TERRAZ OFFICE is a modular unit that, when folded, resembles a transportable "cart." Once placed in the desired location, its seats, desk, and even its sunshade can be unfolded, providing users with shade on the top.


Terraz Office is a modular outdoor office furniture system designed by ROJOmandarina. It was created to provide a flexible and functional solution for outdoor workspaces. The design takes into consideration the challenges of working outdoors, including issues related to location, lighting, and weather conditions. The furniture is designed to be mobile, allowing users to easily move it to different outdoor locations as needed.

The Terraz Office system includes seating, a desk, and a shade element. When folded, it functions as a portable cart that can be easily transported. Once in place, users can unfold the seating, desk, and shade to create a comfortable outdoor workspace. The shade element can also be adjusted to provide shade during sunny days.


The added component that provides shade and doubles as a partition for placing Post-its or other visual elements is designed to enhance the functionality of the outdoor workspace. It serves as a versatile feature that can be moved around the table. This mobility allows users to position it to create shade when the sun is high, typical during the summer season. Additionally, the partition aspect can be used for various purposes, such as organizing notes or materials for work tasks. This adaptable design element contributes to the flexibility and usability of the Terraz Office outdoor furniture system.


We obtain a concept of furniture specially designed for working outdoors, allowing various uses, such as for a single person seeking concentration and inspiration, as well as sharing the module with other colleagues, holding meetings, and collaborating.


Its versatility allows it to be used in different ways, positions, and spaces. By playing with its arrangement, you can create a dynamic, attractive outdoor office that is easy to assemble and disassemble.


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