As a branding agency tasked with creating the brand identity for a dental prosthesis laboratory like Dental Lab, our primary goal was to develop an image that reflects the precision, reliability, and attention to detail that are fundamental in this field.


Working closely with the client, we aimed to develop an identity that conveyed commitment and professionalism through its branding. The Dental Lab logo was inspired by the shape and structure of a tooth, which, combined with dental tools, resulted in a tooth that resembles a diamond that must be crafted with care and expertise.


Brand materials such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folders, packaging, and facade signage were also developed. These elements were designed cohesively to convey the professionalism and quality that J. BENÍTEZ DENTAL LAB provides to its clients and collaborators in the field of dentistry.


In summary, our work involved creating a complete brand identity for the dental prosthesis laboratory, from designing the logo to crafting brand materials that underscored their commitment to excellence and personalized care in the field of dentistry. The resulting brand conveys reliability and quality in every aspect of its visual presentation.


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