Scenography TEDx

Design and Development of Scenography for TEDx Málaga Event.


The objective of this project was to design and produce the stage set for the TEDx Málaga 2022 event held in the main auditorium of the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga (Trade Fair and Congress Center of Málaga).
TED events have the particularity that there are different types of speakers, interventions, and therefore content. Other characteristics to consider are that the stage set should include the red dot that the speaker talks about, the corporate letters of the TEDx Málaga event, and be able to accompany the speaker/s without capturing all the attention, as the true protagonists are the speakers themselves.

In this 2022 edition, the theme of the event was: Alétheia (in Greek αλήθεια alētheia 'truth') is the philosophical concept that refers to the sincerity of facts and reality.
Literally, the word means 'that which is not hidden, that which is evident,' what 'is true.' It also refers to the "unconcealment of being and the discovery of hidden truth."


Based on the concept of "Alétheia" we decided to play with the abstraction of pure geometric shapes, those that constitute the universe: circle, square, triangle... which, when combined, form more complex figures.

Furthermore, following the context of "Alétheia" being a Greek word, we wanted to somehow depict an agora (Greek forum). The Agora was a public space in ancient Greece that was the center of culture, politics, and commerce. In such spaces, people were invited to debate, exchange conversations and information, and therefore, ideas.


The result consists of a backlit background that evokes these pure geometric shapes, formed by rectangles, circles, triangles... and two geometrically fragmented Greek columns placed on either side of the TED circle. All of this is arranged in a way that creates a visual play, so that depending on the perspective, you're seeing a changing yet static, real, and simple universe.


The entire stage design is done in white to adapt to the specific lighting for each speaker's presentation, creating different atmospheres depending on the lighting, playing with warm, red, blue lights, and so on. We aimed to create a meeting point between the speakers and the audience (like the ancient agoras), so that the truth of the pure geometric form accompanies the ideas being exchanged in this space, adding visual dynamism in the background.


You can view some photos of the event in the following link:


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