En el proceso de diseño de este columpio se buscó que no fuera una pieza de mobiliario urbano más, siendo una solución para ciudades, jardines, terrazas públicas y/o privadas. Aplicable al sector del Hábitat como mobiliario de exterior. Combinable con otros elementos posibles que pueden existir en el mobiliario urbano o en el mobiliario exterior de una vivienda. Se buscaba una solución diferente, funcional y que ofreciera un juego visual al usuario. No solo sería un columpio donde puedes sentarte a balancearte y pasar un rato agradable, sería un columpio que genera emociones en su entorno.


The seat and the entire assembly are designed with user comfort and simplicity in mind, while also ensuring structural strength and manufacturability. Material: Aluminum.


The structure, playing with the perspective seen from its elevation, provides a shape that resembles the letter "n." Through the shape and the combination of structural tubes, rectangular and round, a structure is formally based on the swing seat.

Además de diseño de columpio como mobiliario urbano para uso tanto público como privado, se desarrolló para su futura fabricación en serie.

In this project, the construction of the product's identity was worked on cross-functionally.
Reflected in a brand with lines that quickly identify the shape of the object itself (NEBO swing). The O thus becomes the seat itself that swings on the overall structure in its plan perspective. Its name was created through the naming process, and its brand (graphic image or logo) was constructed, which was applied to various graphic resources for the project's presentation and communication.


NEBO, an outdoor swing with an innovative and attractive design. Designed to be easily placed on a terrace, porch, or garden and suitable for both public and private use. For all audiences. With a design that adapts to different spaces and contexts, creating a new visual and usage experience. Depending on the viewer's perspective, the perception of the swing's shape varies, providing a very attractive and dynamic visual play.


Its versatile design allows for the combination of more than one swing, adapting to more spaces and users. With a lightweight and sturdy structure capable of supporting a weight of 200kg while swinging. Striving for simplicity and the essence of materials, an exposed engineering structure was designed, conveying robustness, sincerity, transparency, and coherence.


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